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: and so do elected leaders of both parties... councilman john olszewski: new jobs and a stronger economy. endorsed by the naacp, police and firefighters small business owner: good jobs... teacher: and better schools construction worker: vote for question seven. [ howling ] >>> it's officially halloween, and you're going to see so many creepy costumes out there. >> uh-huh. >> yeah, yeah. >> and who's creepier than the tv character dexter? >> ah. >> oh. >> pretty cripe. >> creepier is dexter -- >> creepy. >> dexter. >> well, this girl made a video tutorial on to you become a dexter victim and you see her going through the process. >> oh, oh. okay. she's not nude. >> you're not nude, but you can be if you want to. whatever. >> cheap, super easy. incredibly last minute. she's wrapped up in saran wrap. she even has a wound on her chest with blood in it, like it spills out and then restraints on her limbs and her ankles. >> used surran wrap around her mouth, which is tricky. >> how do you have any of this halloween punch when you've got that saran wrap around your mouth? >> a straw. >> oh, a s
. >> the wind is really picking up and so is the rain. i told you about susan st. john. violetville lost power around 1:30. it's still off. jack patterson. power has been off in oberle since 12:30. and my dear friend who is a historian beyond belief says the last time 95, 40 and route 1 closed, shut do, june of 1972, hurricane agnes. >> wow. >> how old were you back then in >> i was minus -- no. >> he was young. >> i was about 22 back then. >> and out ourages again. still keeping an eye on that situation. 28,000 and still the most right now in baltimore county. but we will continue to keep an eye on that situation. obviously we'll see that increase with the winds picking up. let's check in with wyatt now. jamie, you mentioned agnes. it's a comparable, but really we have nothing to compare this to. if you took agnes and blended that with that perfect storm back in 1991, that convergence of storms over the north atlantic and brought that in to maryland, delaware and new jersey, that's what you'd have. this was at midnight as sandy was moving in. we will have a couple more 3d animations to show y
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2